Our Name


(pronounced as Earth and Style)

“EARTH” identifies our business as based on real estate property development. However, the “+” (pronounced as “and”) means that we are more than just developers—it symbolizes our core values of CHRISTUDE. “STYLE” denotes the fact that our business is focused on providing lifestyle solutions for the lifestyle needs of our clients, while the stylish fonts depict the regal way of life that we are determined to provide.

Our name embodies our commitment to change life—creatively, constantly, and completely.

Our Mark

Our mark is a stylized infinity sign that represents an abundance of wealth, opportunities, and constant growth. The brush-stroke execution symbolizes the creativity and innovation of our people. Our entire mark evokes a sense of water and infinity, which stands for our commitment to dynamism, and our responsiveness to change in creating unique lifestyle solutions. The color blue, which was incorporated at the beginning of the new millennium, was applied to commemorate the “color of the new millennium.”

Our Philosophy

Earth+Style is guided by one basic truth: That we all have unique life needs reflected by our unique aspirations. As a vibrant organization, our passion is to change life from how it is now, into how it could be better. We are committed to transforming the lives of our customers by offering lifestyle solutions which deliver substantial lifegains and prosperity.

We strive to enhance the quality of life by building communities, and fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the modern Filipino family. We offer lifestyle solutions bursting from a wellspring of value that comes from our reputation and competence, affirmed by the robust relationships we have built over time. Our endeavors are marked by the unbreakable promise not just to develop projects, but to create lifestyles.

Our Vision

The direction of our family endeavor.

Earth+Style will be the lead suki-provider of complete home lifestyle values for the new Filipino Family.

Our Mission

The relevance of our family endeavor.

Earth+Style will happily champion the middle-income Filipino family and enable their fulfillment of home dignity by providing home lifestyle values which will elevate their quality of life.

To Our Customer. We shall ensure customer satisfaction by providing the most exciting and the best value lifestyle products and services.
To Our People. We shall commit to constantly promoting professional and personal growth in order to enhance our quality of life.
To Our Company. We shall ensure the company’s growth and competitiveness by constantly creating new opportunities, expanding our core competencies, and improving our business process.
To Our Shareholders. We shall uphold their vision and values, and ensure the best return on the resources they have entrusted to us.
To Our Business Partners. We shall ensure a pleasant long-term relationship with our business partners based on respect, trust, and mutually beneficial growth.
To Our Society. We shall contribute to raising the level of Filipino creativity and innovation in the new millennium.


Our Core Values

The principles of our family endeavor.

Earth+Style will passionately adhere to these CHRISTUDE Values as we endeavor to fulfill our Mission and Vision.

CCommitment to the fulfillment of our mission.

Happiness in the growth of others.

Responsibility in the roles we take as individuals and as a team.

Integrity in our work and in our word.

Simplicity in our views, plans and implementation.

Trust In God completely.

Unity in the reach of our goals.

Dynamism as a permanent daily life factor.

Excellence as a professional, family member and a friend.