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Amenities & Utilities 

A Better Life is Just a Stroll Away

A leisurely stroll inside the exclusive community of The Promenade Residences allows you to walk away from time as every single step is an experience itself.  Living in The Promenade Residences makes you worry less and focus more on what life has to offer.

As you  enter The Promenade Residences, one is greeted by the refreshing and awe-inspiring view of tree-lined houses via the  Entrance Gateways, suggesting that you have indeed arrived! Spaces for a leisurely stroll is provided, abundantly we dare say,  thru the Promenade Walk and Promenade Park.  Physical wellness is prioritized thru the clubhouse, having a myriad of amenities like basketball court, picnic ground, gazebo, sculptured seating areas and children’s playground.

Achieving a balanced lifestyle is not far reached.  It just needs one big step…and one leisurely stroll at The Promenade Residences.
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