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Amenities & Utilities

Where Life and Lifestyle Flourish

Discover the Italian-Mediterranean inspired residential community of Villaggio di Xavier Prima Casa – an ideal destination where Italian piazzas and Mediterranean colors provide a splendid backdrop for new urbanism.

Marvel at the architecture that draws artistic and cultural inspiration from classic and rustic Mediterranean:  From the Entrata di Xavier (Main Entrance Gate) to the Palazzo di Xavier (Clubhouse), La Penisola (Resort Plaza), Piazza Olimpico (Sports Plaza), all the way to the Parco di Sanguensa (Park and Children’s playground), and Capella de Gesu (Chapel).

The Capella de Gesu embodies the belief in a spiritually centered family life in this fast-changing world.  From festive celebrations of the community, to solitary meditations of the human spirit, the Capella de Gesu becomes the ideal place for the distinct expression of the Filipino way of life.

The lifestyle of Villaggio di Xavier is all about the fusion of spirit, mind and body.  Make this refreshing way of life happen thru the recreational amenities found in Palazzo di Xavier.

Experience the good life at the Villaggio di Xavier Resort and Country Club, a short and pleasant walk from home.  Bask in the sun’s glory and frolic by the poolside at the La Penisola.  Stay fit and active with a spirited game of basketball or beach volleyball at the Piazza Olimpico.  Fly a kite, go camping on weekends, or hold picnics at the Parco di Sanguensa.  Truly this is the completeness of life that touches the family spirit.