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Amenities & Utilities

It’s a Kid’s World!

Drawing inspiration from the life and times of St. Francis Xavier and Italian-Mediterranean architecture, Villaggio di Xavier Mondo Bambini in Jubilation New Biñan is the ideal environment where families, kids most especially can enjoy the pleasures of comfort and culture – a complete lifestyle.

Hinged on its romantic Italian-Mediterranean origins, Villaggio di Xavier Mondo Bambini boasts of amenities and facilities befitting a true homeowner. As you enter, one is greeted by the amorous entry experience as provided by the Villaggio di Xavier Mondo Bambini Entry Gateway, suggesting that you indeed belong!

Physical wellness to a family is provided, abundantly we dare say, in the jovial and tropical atmosphere of the Villaggio di Xavier Mondo Bambini clubhouse. Function rooms in an airy multi-purpose hall are likewise provided to promote community building and camaraderie. Generous landscaped corridors, wide expanses of lush greenery, and intimate outdoor spaces complete the picture in making Villaggio di Xavier Mondo Bambini a truly visual and experiential feast.


2020-10-21 06:58:42