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Amenities & Utilities 

Your Sweet Life begins here at Dolce Vita

Villaggio di Xavier Dolce Viota is a fruition of Earth Prosper Corporation’s desire of better understanding your search for a home environment that defines you.  Living is made much sweeter by our lifestyle-integrated amenities where you and your loved ones could spend and share life’s greatest moments while communing with nature.

Entrata Dolce Vita (Entrance Gate) welcomes you to this private and exclusive community that fosters appreciation of nature and arts, solitude and communication via their Capella Sereno (Chapel), health and beauty, experience and discovery all enveloped in a well structured Palazzo Fiorente (Clubhouse).

Choose to live in a residential haven that is inked with the best home value and pampering comforts of a home sweet home.  A whole new way of celebrating a sweet life awaits you and your loved ones at Dolce Vita, Where life is Sweet!